Our agency TranSeCo Sarl offers you a complete and efficient service. We advise you from the beginning until the end and we offer solutions for all your demands in every aspect of security.

  • Checking and surveillance
  • In case of emergency we collaborate with the authorities.

TranSeCo Sarl services guarantee a quick and rapid response in both private and professional domains. We intervene and put in place the necessary measures to reassure you.

  • React quickly
  • Reassure
  • Checking systems
Installing alarms visibility
Installing alarms close

TranSeCo Sarl installs well known and trusted systems.
The alarm system is designed to :

  • Deter and discourage people with bad intentions.
  • Recognise an attempted break in.
Sites surveillancevisibility
Sites surveillanceclose

Our TranSeCo Sarl agents follow a precise protocol, carrying out rigorous checks.
At our finger tips we have a full range of telesurveillance and portable systems for your short term events.

  • Random checks are put in place.
  • Static surveillance
  • Vehicle surveillance
  • Electronic control

TranSeCo Sarl has specialist agents specifically for private investigative work. We will give you a full and precise report that can be used if necessary in legal proceedings.

  • Matrimonial matters
  • Shadowing

TranSeCo Sarl offers you a complete and quality package. As experts in security we guide you and evaluate the possible risks and provide you the best solutions.


At your disposition we provide staff and material for the safe transportation of valuables.

  • Looking at your needs
  • Reconnaissance
  • Securing sites
  • Armored vehicles
Close protection visibility
Close protection close

TranSeCo Sarl offers you close protection agents to assure your safety with the utmost discretion. They adapt to any environment, may it be in a professional or domestic situation.
We are here to make your life as safe and easy as possible.

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Specific services close

If you can't find what you're looking for above please contact us directly as we can always find a solution.

Additional services

Our specialists will examine your requests and adapt them to your requirements

Dog unit

Patrol vehicle

Armed services

Bicycle surveillance

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