Before being employed by TranSeCo Sarl each employee has to complete the initial training. On completion, they receive a certificate and can then be employed into our services. Every year each employee will then undergo specific training. We will keep a record of each certified employee, which can then be provided to the authorities. On the 18th of October 1996 the authorities put in place a law by which all security companies have to follow to maintain a level of service.

Required by law :
  • Each employee has an understanding of the law Concordat on security companies 18 October 1996.
  • Essential knowledge of the Swiss penal law
  • Essential knowledge of firearms (for each agent with a permit to carry a weapon)
  • Knowledge on other subjects, training in firearms
trending_flatDocument officiel Concordat 1996
TranSeCo Sarl training

Each agent is also trained in :

  • First Aid
  • Fire safety
  • Self defense
  • Communicating with our partener companies Crescendo
  • Shoot with our partener companies Centre-tir

Provided specialist training in specific areas :

  • Close protection
  • Defensive combat training

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